These are exciting times.

Having recently moved school to a new location, we are enjoying setting up our environments.

There are small tweakings done everyday as a response to what we observe.

There is nothing like a new perspective to shake things up and re-arrange those neural pathways.

Suddenly I ‘see’ things, I was otherwise walking right past.

Here are some pictures of the elementary environment.

All photo’s were taken by a dear friend and colleague, Anupama Hejaji.

Before you enter the elementary environment, you have a little patch of green. Children often take their work out, especially when viewing slides under the microscope and painting.  The little brown path at the far left is where we will cultivate our own vegetables.

As you enter you have the children’s lockers and stationary shelves.

On the left are the bins (small for inorganic waste and large for organic waste) and a bin for blank chart papers. On the top left there is a peep hole to the kitchen … (2 coffees and 1 aloo bonda, please!!!)

The teal and cane stools are the waiting spot and adult’s place, respectively. The shelves behind the cane stool house zoology, botany and language material.

As you glance to your right, you see a part of the library against the stone wall, the microscope table, art shelf and curiosity table. In the foreground is the stone table that we got made ourselves. I usually put an interesting book or books on it. Shortly after this photo was taken, it carried the book, ‘Art forms in Nature’ by Ernst Haeckel.

Close up of the microscope. The table was made by a friend of the school and gifted to us on our move.

Here are the math shelves.

History and geography areas. On the right, under the painting is a lightbox.

In the kitchen we have the physics and chemistry material.

On the other side of the kitchen is the cooking area.

The elementary children cook twice a month for the entire school. We find recipes for healthy food,  hoping that this will help inculcate healthy eating habits. Since moving we’ve made, garlicy green beans and carrots (we found the recipe here) and melon juice.

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