image by roy sinai

For years now I have felt the need to engage with other teachers and parents of Montessori children. To share my point of view and to receive the views of others.

Having started a school myself, (with a dear friend and committed Montessorian) I have come in contact with ideas, people and situations with an added dimension of intensity.

People sometimes ask me, “what is YOUR vision for the school?”. At times like these, I realize how alien it is to most people that a school cannot be a vision of a few people. It is like a living organism. Every child, parent, teacher, staff member, well wisher, not-so-well-a-wisher, EVERYONE that comes in contact with it, determines what a school is becoming.

Here is my attempt to share with you our journey.

To end, here’s a quote from Montessori:

children have demonstrated that their joy is found in the continuous work necessary to achieve self perfection. this is also true of the adult. there must be some special way of  moving towards perfection and in this alone will happiness be found. ~ Dr. Maria Montessori (Creative Development of the Child)


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