A prepared child often chooses a rigour no reasonable adult would ever think of imposing. The child concentrates like one in meditation.

The little girl who has just started to read, will devour everything in the reading corner.

The boy conducting an experiment on electricity will test everything that he can get his hands on.

photo by anupama hejaji

The child enamoured with the story of how the number googol was named, will invent his own number name for a hierarchy larger than googol, write the number out … and then … with strip of paper glued to strip of paper, follow the hierarchies in sequence.

He smiles when I say, “You have birthed several nouns today!”

photo by anupama hejaji

Why then, do we lose faith in the child and subject them to mind-numbing, sloth-inducing, close-ended work?

“This is the first duty of an educator; stir up life, but leave it free to develop” (Montessori, 1985).

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