the beauty of SMALL

We are a small school.

We have 30 children in total. There are 4 teachers and 3 support staff.

Much has been said about difficulties that arise with too small a class size, and it’s ALL true. We have recently gone from 7 children in the elementary to 11 children … still too small a class size, I know …. and with just this teeny – tiny change there has been a positive difference.

But then there are the benefits of a small school.

Each one of us has a relationship with the other. Every afternoon, we eat together as a community, every birthday is celebrated with the whole school present, every child knows the other. Each adult in school, including the support staff, has a personal equation with every child. We understand their pulse and rhythm.

We will not always be as ‘small’ as we are today, but my hope is that we will always be able to capture the beauty of ‘small’.

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