Crochet has been on my mind.

With all the beautiful sewing that is going on in class, I’ve been thinking of introducing crochet to the children.

The only hitch is that I don’t know how to crochet myself.

References to it seem to be popping up everywhere I turn…connected to the most unlikely of things.

Here’s one linking crochet, coral and mathematics

The Beautiful Math of Coral – Margaret Wertheim


and playground crochet by Japanese fiber artist Toshiko Horiuchi

Playground Crochet 

3 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. I enjoyed finger crocheting in my Casa room. My supplies included a basket to hold several partial balls of thick wool yarn and several pouches or bowls (so the ball that is seeding your new ball has a place to live and not roll across the floor).

    We started by rolling a “perfect ball of yarn”. It helps with counting, peacefulness, patience, and concentration. (I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about it. Might have to do that.) We then began finger knitting. All it takes is your finger.

    A couple of years ago some of the boys in my lower el class finger knitted almost 1 mile of finger chain. The math we had to do was amazing. (If your class go there, I have some hard won advice on measuring it.)

    But go for finger knitting.

  2. I have actually tried finger knitting ONCE with the children. It wasn’t planned but just something we did one afternoon and never really got back to it, though some of the children took supplies of yarn from school back home for the next couple of days.
    Now that I’m thinking about it, how silly of me not to have given it due importance!
    Your post has brought it back into focus …Thanks Eizabeth! (I might be knocking on your door for that hard earned advice soon)

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