We Are Family

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There is a lot said about the community of children that live and work together in Montessori environments. They forge strong bonds across conventional barriers of age and such like. They become family.

But today my thoughts are with the adults that work together in a Montessori environment.

What about them? Does the montessori environment have a similar effect on them?

In my experience I have to say a big, resounding – YES!!!

Each teacher that I have shared an environment with and indeed even those that have worked in other environments, have eventually become so much more than just my colleagues. They have, overtime, become my friends and yes, my family!

Our constant efforts to negate our egos in class, pays off in our relationships with each other.

Working together, for something much bigger than ourselves creates strong and deep bonds.

Soon we will be saying goodbye to a very dear friend, school parent and supportive colleague who is bound for unknown adventures in a land far away from us.

She will be missed but family is always in your heart and so will never be too far away!

4 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. That’s so true! I have worked in many a place before joining the earth school, but have never experienced such warmth and acceptance. THANK YOU! I may be a thousands of miles away but I’ll just be a call away 🙂

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