Minimalist Montessori

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Until recently I had only heard about minimalism connected to design, architecture and art … and then some weeks ago I chanced upon a blog post about minimalism as a lifestyle. It peaked my curiosity.

The past month we have been getting some major repairs done at our home, for which we had to pack away ALL our possessions down to the teeniest-tiniest pin. Sitting in a sea of bubble wrap and cartons I wondered how we came to have so many things. What I had read about minimalism became very appealing. 

As I read some more on the topic, I learnt that people interpret and practice minimalism to different degrees. Like so many things it had even become a form of ‘identity’ for some. But getting to the core of it all, to the the essence of minimalism it became apparent that minimalism was about prioritising what is important and enriching. Throw out the clutter and bring in clarity. Be mindful of your material possessions, thoughts and actions.

The connection between minimalism and montessori was hard to miss.

The montessori principle of what is ‘necessary and sufficient’ that guides the teacher at all times is minimalism in pedagogy.

The principle guides us  in preparing the physical environment, in the content, words and actions that we include in a presentation and in the help that we render the child. It constantly challenges us to do away with the superfluous and retain the essential.

Now more than ever we are faced with astonishing amounts of information, materials, ideas, books and opinions. Now more than ever we have to be mindful to stay true to the principle of ‘what is necessary and sufficient’.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

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